Glaisdale Moor


A leafy greenlane with a ford but don't use the bridge!


Distance = 1¼ mile

Start: SE099973
End: SE111978


RATING: A very easy lane to drive.

The sign at the top of the little lane hiding away at a bend in the road declares that Stop Bridge Lane is 'Unsuitable for motors'. It's a pretty green lane with a little ford that shouldn't present problems for anyone. The water level looks as though it never gets above a few inches and the track is mainly hardcore so it has a good firm surface. Maybe an 'unsuitable for walkers' sign may be more appropriate as the broken plank on the bridge made me think twice about crossing it.

Around this area are many tracks and lanes to explore but quite a few run alongside the military training area and some even pass through the firing ranges. Although the areas are clearly marked and red flags fly when the ranges are in use take extreme care not to wander from the designated routes and don't be too surprised if you find you have to give way on the narrow roads to the odd tank.

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