Glaisdale Moor


A rutted climb up Snowdon Nab from the bottom of Limber Hill


Distance = 1 mile

Start: NZ784055
End: NZ784042


RATING: A steep climb up a heavily rutted narrow track. No real problems and it is wide enough for a vehicle to squeeze between the trees easily but take care with some of the deeper ruts.

The lane starts with a picturesque ford tucked away neatly at a bend in the road. Easy to miss but the huge modern railway bridge running alongside makes an obvious landmark.

Limber Hill

Just through the ford and the lane forks on a private road to the right. Keep to the left to go straight on up the hill. This is a lane well worth driving although the ruts in places were deep enough to snatch at the wheels and the dry and dusty surface when we drove it didn't afford much traction making this steep ascent one of the more difficult byways.

The area around Limber Hill encompasses woodland, open fields and moorland. The North York Moors Railway with steam trains and restored historic stations add to the romantic beauty of the area.

At the start of the track at the other side of the railway bridge is the ancient packhorse bridge now known as Beggar's Bridge. Built in 1619 by Alderman Thomas Firris it was originally known as Firris Bridge. It is said that Firris who at the time was a penniless youth was courting Agnes, daughter of a wealthy landowner who lived on the other side of the river. The only way for them to meet was when Firris swam across to see her. Firris decided to go to sea to find his fortune and hopefully win favour with Agnes' father. The night before he left the river was too high to cross and Firris couldn't meet Agnes to say farewell. He swore that on his return he would build a bridge over the River Esk on that very spot.

The bridge presumably stands as testament to Firris' return to Limber Hill after succeeding in finding his fortune.

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