Glaisdale Moor


A lovely easy drive through Yorkshire Dales countryside.


Distance = 3 miles

Start: SD943871
End: SD934839


RATING: Nothing difficult about this lane although it is likely to become muddy in wet weather.

This is the shorter of three BOAT's around the picturesque village of Bainbridge in the Yorkshire Dales. However as it ends in the middle of High Lane (Stalling Busk to Cray), another BOAT, the drive is extended by a further 2 miles.

The lane starts from the tarmac road that leads to Carpley Green and finishes at the entrance to a farm. Busk Lane starts at the other side of the farmyard - you need to drive between the farm house and barns to the wooden gate. The lane is obvious running straight ahead from the gate which carries the BOAT label on a post at the far side.

The track is well used farmland and the surface is mainly soft track running between fields. There are a lot of gates and during lambing time there is likely to be a lot of sheep. What surprised us was the number of rabbits and hares that we encountered on this drive (23/10/2011). Rabbits are abundant in most parts of England but hares we rarely see. Here every field seemed to be teeming with both species.

Busk Lane ends at its junction with the track from Stalling Busk to Cray. Turn right here for an easy drive back to Stalling Busk.

Other lanes nearby: Stalling Busk to Cray, Cam High Road

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